Free Weekend Incoming!

From today until the end of this weekend, you can play Unrailed for free on Steam! Take this chance to build some tracks, invite your friends for help or check out our Discord community ! See you on track!

Unrailed Bolt Track Race!

Upcoming community tournament on 11/26 19:00 (JST) organized by for japanese speaking players!Join the Discord for more infos:

Performance Improvements & 2nd Steam Deck Verification Submission

A new experimental version is ready! Many things under the hood changed as we finally merged now all console versions in the main branch.Also, the last Steam Deck submission gave us only “playable” but not yet “verified”, since some texts were too small and keyboard-icons were still shown. This should now be fixed and we […]

Unrailed! Tournament in Basel, Sept 17th

For everyone from or around Basel – There’ll be a local Unrailed! and Retimed tournament organized by the SMGL this saturday (sept 17th)! Feel free join and invite your friends!It starts at 2pm, teams are formed on site and there are even cash prizes!

Experimental Version Update & Steam Deck Verification Submission

We just published a new experimental version on Steam. Changelog 2.0-b4e4b9067 (compatible with production version): Improvement: Less obtrusive join discord message (hides after clicking join, no double usage with appearance change button anymore) Change: Linux build now uses FNA 22.0.7 as default We also submitted this build for the Steam Deck verification and hope to […]

Experimental Version Update

We just published a new experimental version on Steam (via the public branches “experimental” and “experimental-fna3d”). Changelog 2.0-354101af3 (compatible with production version)– Improvement: Many sound bug fixes and improvements (thanks to @MtildeMusic & @felixbarbarino for going through all the sounds again)– Improvement: Map-Generation performance improvements– Improvement: experimental-fna3 updated to FNA version 22.0.7 (containing all their […]

Unrailed! Wiki Rumble!

You think you can lay tracks faster than others or you enjoy watching tense track-building moments? Then it’s good news today! An Unrailed community tournament is upcoming: The Unrailed! Wiki Rumble! on July 2nd & 3rd (Sat & Sun) @ 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM (UTC)

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