PlayStation – Switch – PC crossplay update

While christmas is coming closer and closer, we’re also coming closer to adding all platforms to the Unrailed! crossplay family. As a PlayStation user, you can now also join PC, Mac, Linux & Nintendo Switch players for track-laying-sessions online.

Unrailed! Switch – PC crossplay

We’ve been working to get cross platform multiplayer enabled for consoles and computer players recently and we are happy to announce that the Nintendo Switch will receive its cross-play update on November 23rd (including all bug fixes and the missing Kids & Extreme mode)! We don’t have a date for PS4 & Xbox ready yet, […]

Unrailed! Xbox One release

Good news for all Xbox-One-equipped railroad workers: We just heard that the Unrailed! release for the Xbox One will be next tuesday (27th of october) 18:00 CET

1.0 OUT NOW!

The time has come, we’re leaving early access and rolling out Unrailed 1.0 ! Obviously this launch comes with a big update attached . Take a look at the major new features: Most of this should be self explanatory, just a quick comment about the new difficulties: The kids setting allows you, among other tweaks, […]

Unrailed! Wiki

We now officialy host the community based Unrailed wiki! Have a look and feel free to contribute or adapt existing pages. We extended the Unrailed FAQ section as concise overview of the most frequently asked questions and anwers about Unrailed! like how to remap keys, show all emojis etc. Special thanks to Poolitzer for hosting […]

The Singleplayer Update

This update has been in the works for a loooong time. A single player mode was actually one of the first things we worked on after we bolted down the core gameplay. We iterated through a couple of design approaches, however we never felt that the single-player mode came close enough to the chaotic gameplay […]

Bilibili characters

Heya! We just added three new playable characters to the roster! They were developed in collaboration with our Chinese co-publisher bilibili and are in fact modelled after bilibili’s mascots. We also made some major under-the-hood changes that should improve the game’s performance. But that might come with some bugs that slipped past our QA, so […]

Nominated for German Computer Games Award 2020

Here is a sentence we didn’t think we’d ever write: Unrailed! has been nominated for the “Deutsche Entwicklerpreis” in the category “Best International Multiplayer Game” next to Apex Legends and Dreams.

Linux and macOS versions of Unrailed! are out now!

We finally put the MacOS & Linux versions of Unrailed – which we have been testing on our experimental branch for a while now – live on the main Steam branch. Just a quick note regarding supported OS’: We officially support Ubuntu 18.04 and MacOS Catalina, however Unrailed should run on many other Distros and […]

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