Performance Improvements & 2nd Steam Deck Verification Submission

A new experimental version is ready! Many things under the hood changed as we finally merged now all console versions in the main branch.
Also, the last Steam Deck submission gave us only “playable” but not yet “verified”, since some texts were too small and keyboard-icons were still shown. This should now be fixed and we just re-submitted for a new verification.

Changelog 2.0-3d41f289a (compatible with production version except for time mode)

  • Improvement: General performance improvements (shader improvements, map-gen is more efficient, lag-spikes should be reduced). Especially for low-end devices should profit.
  • Improvement: Steam Deck has higher UI font-size and allows zooming during the game (with select) and hides keyboard UI elements until a keyboard button is pressed
  • Bug fix: Escape menu missing in the last experimental version
  • Change: Non-modifiable controls in the “manage controller” are shown at the bottom (eg menu controls)

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