Unrailed 2: Back on Track Announcement!

We are suuper excited to announce that we’re working on a sequel to Unrailed, called Unrailed 2: Back on Track.

The game is currently in production and will be launched as Early Access on Steam when we’re ready. We learned a lot from Unrailed 1 and try to overhaul the mechanics that would deviate too much from the original game while providing a big visual update. You find some details here https://unrailed-game.com/ and we will share more soon.

If you want to get news as early as possible or if you are interested in participating in our planned beta, register here: Unrailed 2 news and beta sign up.

If you’re influencer, we’re happy to get in contact with you here: Unrailed 2 Influencer sign up.

Keep in touch with us on:

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