Unrailed! Underwater update

It has been a while since the last major update, so we’re stoked this update is finally out of the door. This time, we’re heading for the depths of the oceans! You will have to defy the challenge of the deep to return back to the surface. We’ve also updated and improved our most beloved compass-wagon, added crossplay to the time-mode and more!

This update is not just for Desktop users, but also for Switch, Xbox and PlayStation users! This means, that the console versions will now offer all features we added to the PC version in previous updates! This has been requested a lot and we are very happy that we can finally deliver it with this update!

Last but not least, we decided the wipe the Time Mode highscores (https://unrailed-online.com/highscore), as there were many changes in the recent updates and with this version it’s going out of its beta state.

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